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As soon as the effect is obtained, the dose should be slowly reduced to fifteen to ten milligrams, and Prednisolone should be completely canceled within four to eight weeks. If a patient has developed a complication of atrioventricular blockade - acute heart failure, Glucagon must be injected into a vein. First, the agent is administered from a syringe in an amount of Zithromax milligrams, and then through a dropper (from two to ten mg in sixty minutes).

If atrioventricular blockade is chronic, Corinfar, Teopek, Belloid are prescribed. Corinfar is usually drunk three times a day, one or two tablets. Duration of reception is decided by the doctor. In the first couple of days Teopek drink half a tablet once a day, later - a whole tablet once. If a person began to complain about worsening sleep, poor appetite, pain in the stomach, head, the amount of Azithromycin drug should be reduced, and if the symptoms did not go away, stop completely.

Teopek is not used if the patient has thyroid hyperfunctionglands, epilepsy or pregnancy. For gastric and duodenal ulcers, this drug is used with extreme caution under monitoring. Belloid therapy is carried out for a week, after a three-day break, the course is repeated.